Court interpreter for German and English

Specialised in various kinds of subject areas (jurisprudence, construction industry, ecology, economics, mechanical engineering, medicine…), large experience with most diverse clients (see reference), and their satisfaction are the foundation for maximum quality of the translation service and the observance of agreed dates and deadlines. Ivana Lambaša, graduate economist, bilingual speaker, is a translator and sworn court interpreter for German and English in Croatia. No matter whether you need written or verbal translations, you are offered translations in the language combinations Croatian, German and English.

Scope of work

-Translations and certified translations of all kinds of standard texts,
-Translation of identification documents etc. ( transcriptions of grades, translations of diplomas and other certificates, birth certificates and marriage certificates, CV, applications, petitions, licenses, permissions.....)
-Translations of specialised texts and special documentation

Certified translations

May only be made by a sworn court interpreter. The obligation of a court interpeter is to do his work accurate, conscientiously and to the best of his knowledge.