Written translations

Written translations are charged by lines - a standard line consists of 50 keystrokes (letter, punctuation, formula, symbol)


1. Translations from Croatian into a foreign language and vice versa, each standard line 5,00 Kuna;

2. Translations of specialised texts – like translations of laws, regulations and standards; 7,50 Kuna per standard line;

3. Certification of text - Translation price plus 30%;

4. For URGENT TRANSLATIONS, 50% is added to the price of the translation

The total amount is charged as follows: The sum of keystrokes of the translated text (computer calculated) is divided by 50, and the so obtained number is multiplied by 5 (price for standard texts). For the authentication of the court interpeter, this amount is increased by 30%.
The minimum unit of account is the standard page, which consists of 20 standard lines. The price for CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS is priced due to the minimum unit of account of one standard page (20 standard lines) and amounts to 130.00 Kuna, for urgent translations 150.00 Kuna.

Prices for particularly demanding translations by direct arrangement.

The price for verbal translations amounts to 300.00 Kuna for every hour or part thereof.

-considering the entire time, in which the presence of the interpreter is needed - from arrival to the translation place up to the moment, in which the presence of the interpreter is no longer necessary.


Language editing includes elimination of grammar and orthographic mistakes, stylistic and linguistic correction as well as makeup of sentence constructions (syntax). Price: - per standard line = 2.5 Kuna